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Wire Butt Welding Machine

A new series of efficient machines for butt welding of all profile wires of Iron, Steel. Alloy and Carbon Steel, Copper. Aluminium, Brass and other light metals and their alloys. These machines are designed as portable models mounted on a moveable stand with foot operation. They are constructed with particular regard for quick and easy operation; the settings for electrode spacing and upsetting pressure are calibrated directly forthe different wire size to be welded.

The welding process being automatic permits even unskilled workman to operate the machine faultlessly, and ensures uniform welds of high tensile strength, capable of withstanding subsequent drawing. Depending upon the material to be welded and the size of wire 4 different models are available one model for iron and mild steel wires, one model for alloyed steel and carbon steel wires, and two models for copper, brass, aluminium and light alloy wires. All machines are equipped with annealing facility.

MATERIALS TO BE WELDED   Iron and Steel Alloyed Steel Copper. Brass Copper. Brass
      & Carbon Steel Aluminium Aluminium
(a) Sleel with less then 0.5%C unalloyed (mm) 2-8 2-8 1-5 3*8
(b) Steel with 0.5-1%C alloyed (mm) - 2-8 _ -
(c) Copper (mm) values 2-3 1-4 2.5-6
(d) Aluminium light metal (mm) alloyed 3-5 - 1.5-6 4-7
Electrical Data          
(a) Input Volts   400 400 400 400
(b) Frequency   50 50 50 50
(c) Phase   1 1 1 1
(d) Max. Rating- KVA   5 5 12 20
(e) Duty cycle at Max. Rating   0.56% 0.73% 0.56% 0.56%
(f) Fuse Rating (Amps.)   10 10 15 15