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Vertical Turret Milling Machine

Our tough and user friendly instruments can perform massive and trouble-free operations. It is mostly suitable for precise and assorted milling jobs. These tools ensure durability and reliability. Their versatile features and higher cutting capacity leads to better efficiency. These instruments are created using best quality components to meet maximum load conditions. They are economical and stable. Our equipments are basically used in machine shops and tool rooms of various industries.

Model M3 M4 M4A M4B M5
Table size 1270mmx 254mm 1370mmx 254mm 1370mmx 254mm 1370mmx 254mm 1370mmx 305mm
T-Slot 3 x 16mm 3x 16mm 3x 16mm 3x 16mm 3 x 16mm
X-Axis 760mm 860mm 860mm 860mm 900mm
Travel Y-Axis 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 445mm
Z-Axis 405mm 405mm 405mm 405mm 485mm
X-Axis ? ? ? ? ?
Guide Way Y-Axis ? ? ? ? ?
Z-Axis ? ? ? ? ?
Ram Travel 510mm 580mm 580mm 580mm 580mm
Spindle Taper R8(NT30-Optional) R8(NT30-Optional) R8(NT30-Optional) R8(NT30-Optional) NT40
Quill Travel 127 127 127 127 127
Spindle Nose to Table 0-440mm 0-440mm 0-440mm 0-470mm 0-440mm
Head Tilt   90 Deg Forward and backjeft & right     90 Deg Forward and backjeft & right
Speed Step Number 16 16 16 16 16
Spindle Speed 70-4620RPM 70-4620RPM 70-4620RPM 70-4620RPM 70-4620RPM
Quill Feed 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15
Power 3HP 3HP 3HP 3HP 3HP

Introduction to Turret Milling Machine

Turret milling machines are versatile metalworking tools that can perform various milling tasks. It has a stationary spindle and a moveable table, which allow the cutting tool to move along many axes to make clean cuts and shapes on metal pieces.

The vertical turret milling machine is highly adaptable for different operations such as drilling, slotting, facing, and contouring. They are widely used in workshops, manufacturing facilities, and toolrooms to machine components for different sectors.

Shital Machine Tools is a leading Vertical Turret Milling machine suppliers in India. We provide a variety of milling machines that meet the different needs of industries around India.

How Turret Milling Machine Works?

A vertical turret milling machine uses a revolving tool to remove or cut material from a workpiece. Here's how it works:

  • Setting Up - First, apply clamps or a vice to tightly hold the workpiece to the machine's table.
  • Tool Selection - The operator chooses the proper cutting tool from those stored in the turret. The turret can accommodate numerous tools, allowing for swift changes without interrupting the machining process.
  • Adjusting Speed - The operator determines the cutting tool's speed rate based on the material to give a proper finish.
  • Beginning the Cut - Turn on the machine and bring the cutting tool into contact with the workpiece. The spindle spins, and the cutting tool travels along the axes to remove extra material.
  • Finishing the Process - The cutting tool continues to move across the workpiece until the required form or feature is obtained. The operator oversees the process to ensure precision and quality.
  • Final Result - After the machining operation is completed, the workpiece is taken from the machine, and any required finishing processes, such as deburring or polishing, are carried out.

Different Types of Turret Milling Machines

Vertical turret milling machines are classified into different types, each with features and capabilities tailored to specific milling tasks.

  • Manual Turret Milling Machine - This classic type is operated manually by the operator. It's appropriate for basic milling chores and is both simple and affordable.
  • CNC Turret Milling Machine - This machine uses computer numerical control (CNC) to automate milling processes, enabling precise and complex machining tasks. It has superior accuracy and productivity than manual equipment.
  • Vertical Turret Milling Machine - This machine's spindle turns vertically, making it perfect for vertical cutting operations. It is frequently used for drilling, slotting, and other vertical milling operations.
  • Horizontal Turret Milling Machine - This type has the spindle positioned horizontally, allowing horizontal cutting tasks. It is suitable for operations like face milling and slab milling.
  • Universal Turret Milling Machine - This flexible machine has a rotating turret that positions the spindle at different angles, allowing for milling in many directions. It is suited for performing complex machining tasks on asymmetrical workpieces.
  • Bed-kind Turret Milling Machine - With a solid bed that supports the cutting tool. This kind offers increased stability and precision, making it ideal for heavy-duty milling.

Why Choose Shital Machines as Turret Milling Machine Suppliers?

Shital Machines is a renowned turret milling machine suppliers in Rajkot & India. We are known for producing strong, reliable, and built to last machines. We provide a wide range of vertical turret milling machines to meet various machining needs and budgets.

With more than 37 years of industry experience, we can provide professional help and support in selecting the best turret milling machine for your requirements. Our machines can fit seamlessly into your manufacturing processes.

Shital Machines is renowned turret milling machine suppliers in India. We are known for producing that are strong, reliable, and built to last machines. We provide a wide range of vertical turret milling machines to meet various machining needs and budgets.

We prioritize high quality and customer satisfaction with every order. Their professional team is committed to offering outstanding service and assistance throughout purchasing.

Overall, choose Shital Machines as your turret milling machine suppliers to get high-quality equipment, experienced advice, and reliable assistance to help you improve your manufacturing operations.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked questions)

A milling machine is a metalworking equipment that shapes and cuts materials. It works by revolving a cutting tool against a fixed workpiece, removing material, and creating exact shapes.

Vertical turret milling machines can be vertical, horizontal, or universal. Each kind has unique spindle features, making it suitable for a variety of machining tasks related to metalworking.

Vertical milling machines have vertically positioned blades, making them great for drilling holes or cutting slots. On the other hand, horizontal milling machines have horizontal blades, which makes them suitable for tasks like surface milling and slab milling.

Milling machines can handle different metals, such as steel, brass, and aluminium. You can also use plastics, wood, and other composites. These are useful machines that are used in many kinds of industries to precisely shape and cut materials.

A milling machine vise is used to securely keep the workpiece in position when milling. It ensures the steadiness and accuracy of machining.

A milling machine works by spinning a cutting tool against a fixed piece. The cutting tool removes extra material to form precise cuts. The machine's table can revolve in many directions to drive the cutting tool along multiple paths.

Wear enough safety equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves, when using a milling machine. Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewellery. Securely hold workpieces. Keep your hands away from the moving parts. Before using the machine, follow the manufacturer's safety rules and get enough training.

A turret milling machine has a turret with various tools for diverse cutting. It can move in multiple directions. At the same time, a vertical turret milling machine has a spindle that travels vertically and is ideal for activities such as drilling or slotting.