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Silent Or Screw Air Compressor

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PE SC 5 7/1026/21                             44/35.65
PE SC 7  7/1032/26                             54.24/447.5
PE SC 10  7/10/1244/35/28                        74.5/59.3/47.410
PE SC 15   7/10/1261/53/43                       103.4/89.8/72.915
PE SC 20 7/8/1089.4/82.2/71.5              151.5/139.3/121.220
PE SC 25  7/8/10107.2/100/89.4             181.7/169.5/151.5225
PE SC 30  7/8/10128/121/107                  216.9/205/18130
PE SC 40  7/8/10178/168/153                 301.6/284.7/25940
PE SC 50  7/8/10232/218/196                 393/369/33250
PE SC 60  7/8/10286/268/250                 484.7/454.2/42360
PE SC 75  7/8/10375/350/307                 635/593.2/520.375
PE SC 100  7/8/10483/430/394                 818.6/728.8/667.8100

What is Screw Air Compressor?

Screw air compressors are widely employed in all aspects of life and by industry as a significant source of energy. The superior cold-rolled steel plate cover used to create the attractive appearance of the screw air compressor by Shital Machine contribute to its durability. It uses a high-temperature baking process at 250 °C in addition to spray moulding. It is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.

The renowned electric brand makes the electrical appliance's parts and has silver connections, a service life of over three million cycles, and an extended guarantee of safe operation. The bearings are of exceptional quality, which enhances the host machine's use, lowers wear and contributes to a smoother meshing. Choosing the best screw air compressor manufacturers in India will increase your company's profits.

Benefits of Screw Air Compressor

The following are a few benefits of screw air compressors:

  • High efficiency : A screw air compressor's efficiency stems from its ability to accomplish more with less energy. Here, a screw air's efficiency stems from the fact that it requires less electrical power to compress large amounts of air. They are a good investment choice because of this.
  • Silent operation : Screw air compressors function in a quiet manner. They are made to do their jobs quietly, which is something that most air compressors struggle with.
  • Versatile : Screw air compressors are suitable for a variety of tasks. They are able to use both big and little tools. This is made feasible by their ability to compress massive volumes of air while allowing for controlled low volumes of air.
  • Takes up less space : Shital Machine Tools screw air compressors are small-space devices due to their compact design. They easily fit into many machines, which may be one of the reasons they are flexible.
  • Easy to use : Screw air compressors are simple to use in their designated areas of application because they lack many complicated elements. Bringing in highly qualified and costly specialists is not necessary in order to use this tool.
  • Durable : Premium materials are used in the construction of Shital Machine's screw air compressors. Every part of the compressor is made with materials that have received international approval. This implies that the compressor will continue functioning correctly for a long time. Furthermore, they have minimal maintenance costs.
  • Energy-saving : Compared to most air compressors on the market, these air compressors use less energy. You will be able to reduce your operating expenses as a firm.
  • Use less oil : Compared to conventional compressors, oil-flooded screw air compressors often use less oil. Conversely, dry screw air compressors reduce the possibility of air contamination in the compressed air.

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Shital Machine Tools being a leading screw air compressor manufacturers in India, integrates excellent systems, R&D, production, sales, and service. With a long history of research and development centred around new technologies that strictly adhere to international standards, Shital Machine upholds the brand management principle that "energy-saving creates the future" with the goal of offering reliable and effective air compression systems to various corporations.

Shital Machine Tools aims to assist clients in achieving worldwide sustainable development, cost reduction, productivity growth, and carbon dioxide emission reduction with its top-quality industrial tools and machines.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked questions)

A rotary screw compressor is a kind of air compressor that generates compressed air by use of two rotating screws, which are often referred to as rotors. Compared to other compressor types, rotary screw air compressors are quieter, cleaner, and more efficient. Moreover, even under continuous use, they demonstrate outstanding reliability.

The decision between an oil-injected and an oil-free screw compressor is based on the air purity standards of your company's processes. An oil-injected compressor is the best solution for many organisations because it is less expensive.

The four most common types of air compressors are:

  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Axial Compressors
  • Reciprocating Air Compressors

The most economical air compressor for high-volume uses (over 6,000 CFM) is a centrifugal air compressor. The ideal option for low-volume applications (less than 20 CFM) is a reciprocating compressor. In general, screw compressors work well for everything in between.

There are two main types of screw compressors: wet/oil-flooded screw compressors and dry screw compressors. The rotors of both compressor types are closely matched. In dry screw compressors, there is no oil positioned in between the screws.

With a typical HP range of 5 to 500, rotary-screw compressors may generate air flows exceeding 2500 SCFM. A two-stage screw compressor can create pressures of up to 600 PSIG, but a single-stage screw compressor can only produce pressures of up to 250 PSIG.