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Radial Drill Machine(SRD-25)

It has the capacity of about 25mm. The maximum that can be done along column diameter is 127mm. The spindle travel can cover 200mm of length. The spindle speed is 110-2880 rotations per minute. Working range is judged in terms of the diameter our SRD 25 can bore up to 910 mm diameters. It is equipped with 1 H.P drilling head motor which holds the capacity of 1440 RPM. The drill arm lifting motor also holds the same capacity. We make use of tool components that are faSRDicated in imported instruments. The list of standard parts includes closed grain cast iron column, arm, work head and gears.

Model SRD – 25
Drilling Capacity 25 mm
Column Diameter 127 mm
Spindle Nose MT-3
Spindle Travel 200 mm
No. of Spindle Speed 8
Spindle Speed (RPM) 110-2880
Diameter of Ram 72 mm
Max. Drilling Radius 910
Dist. from Spindle to base (Max/Min) 810/130
Dist. from Column to Spindle 620/350
Drilling Head Motor (1440RPM) 1 H.P
Lifting arm Motor (1440RPM) 0.5 H.P
V-BELT Section B-40 & B-23
Machine Measurement 1020 x 810 x 1830 mm
Size of box TABLE 250 x 205 x 205 mm
Approx Weight (Kg.) 425
  • Column, Arm, Work Head & Gears are made out of Closed Grain
  • Parts Properly Balanced
  • Prior Assembling of Main Gear & Pully
  • Parts Finished on imported Grinding Machine
  • All moving parts Finished to close Tolerance
  • Spindle Ram is made out of Alloy Steel.
  • Main Spindle & Pinon are Made out of EN Forged Steel.