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Electric Tapping Machines

Shital Machines Flexi arm tapping machine with touch screen has the following features: quiet, stable, power saving, high speed with low torque, low speed with high torque, and protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and overload. We at Shital machines have made the machine of steel and has been carefully designed for maximum performance.

The machine adopts servo drive control, with intelligent torque protection, instead of the traditional lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping limitations.

Advanced mechanical design, a variety of processes using mould castings, the overall rigidity is strong, durable, non deformation, beautiful appearance.

The high definition touch screen is simple and flexible. It can realize the vertical and horizontal work of complex and heavy workpiece, locate quickly and process accurately

Stepless speed change, manual, automatic, linkage three modes of work, whatever you choose.

Automatic mode can effectively control the depth of tapping, without the operation button, automatic control by depth controller

Standard Accessories :

  • Tool Box
  • MM ISO Collets
  • Wrench
  • Power Wire
  • Operating Manual

Optional Accessories :

  • Box Table 800 x 500 x 725 mm 900 x 600 x 725 mm
  • Inches ISO Collets

What is Electrical Tapping Machine?

Electrical tapping machines can make thread holes on any kind of surface. The build and design of the Electric Tapping Machine by Shital utilise top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology under the direction of knowledgeable experts. As the experts in this field, we can provide utilan endless selection of Shital Machine Tools - Electric Tapping Machines. The various technological parameters of the Electric Tapping Machine manufactured by Shital Machine tools are offered at a price that leads the industry. The machine has a very sturdy construction with long-lasting finish requirements. This machine, which consists of a table mounting column and parallel arm, operates at a high level. Electrical control is used to manage the electric tapping machine. This machine can be used in the Tool rooms and metalworking workshops. The Electric Tapping Machine by Shital Machines is designed to perform heavy-duty tasks. Its sophisticated mechanical design and extensive use of mould castings for a range of processes result in a highly robust, long-lasting, elegantly designed stiffness that never deforms. It's extremely rapid tapping speed and quickly repeated positioning both contribute to its maximum production efficiency.

Essential characteristics of an electric tapping machine

  • The quiet, steady, power-saving, high-speed with low torque, low-speed with high torque, and protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, etc., are all features of this flexi arm tapping machine with a touch screen.
  • Touch layer design, automated or manual controls, simple functioning with great efficiency, quick cutting, and precise placement save energy and time.
  • The tap will never break for tapping a blian-hole or trough-hole.

Product Description

We provide a selection of electric tapping machines, all guided by our team of hardworking experts. The provided range is processed in accordance with quality requirements utilising the most recent instruments and processes as well as premium raw materials. Our goods are renowned for their exceptional quality, exquisite finishing, seamless operation, durability, and many other attributes. Additionally, we provide a variety of Electric Tapping Machines with different specifications that are available at affordable costs.

  1. Features of Electrical Tapping Machine
    • Sturdy Design
    • High Performance
    • Durable finish standards
    • Reasonable prices

  2. Electric Tapping Machine Standard Accessories
    • Electric Tapping Machine
    • Stanted Arm
    • Parallel Arm
    • Mounting Column for Tables
    • Select Any of the Six Tapping Adapters for Safety Clutches
    • Electric Controlled Device

  3. Electric Tapping Machine Optional Device
    • Depth Management Control
    • Cast Iron Work Cart
    • 90 And Various Degree Tapping Device
    • Permanent Magnet Base

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked questions)

With the use of electric tapping machines, thread holes in a surface are made. A tapping machine is a tool used in the field of building acoustics to measure impact noise, or the noise produced by footsteps, and to test the impact sound insulation of floors.

The internal thread-producing machining procedure is carried out using a TAPPING machine. A tap is a cylindrical or conical thread-cutting instrument with peripherally shaped threads that are wanted. The tap creates or cuts the internal thread through the combination of axial and rotary action.

The tapping machine comprises a tab holder, bench holder, spindle shaft, machine bed, and supporting frame and shaft. These parts work together to guarantee that the tap receives a consistent torque, which results in an exact and accurate threading operation.