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drilling and milling machine

Drilling And Milling Machine

In today's world, we cannot ignore the value of machines because they are extremely useful in reducing loads and improving worker efficiency. Shital Machines Drilling and Milling machines rely heavily on rotating cutters to create circular holes. Such drilling and Milling machines are referred to as drill presses or drilling devices, and they play an important role in the production of roles of various sizes.

Standard Accessories :

  • Allen wrench
  • Wedge
  • Tie Rod
  • Drill Chuck
  • Milling cutter holder
  • Mill Chuck
  • Working Lamp
  • Coolant System
  • Machine Stand
  • Changing Sleeve
  • Parallel Vise
  • Boring Bar
  • Auto Tapping Arrangement

What is Drilling and Milling Machine?

Shital Machine Tools, located in Rajkot, India, is a major supplier of workshop equipment. We produce and supply a broad variety of drilling, milling, and machining components that enable various industries to perform several machining processes. In the metal, automotive, and related industries, drilling and milling are still crucial machining processes. We offer very precise pillar drilling and milling machines to meet exact boring requirements. Our tool has a rough structure and is built in accordance with industry requirements to deliver the best possible machining performance required by various industries. It has features that make it easier to use and is reliable for precise drilling. It maintains its durability in quality and is perfectly machined. We get a superior response from most of our regular clients that use our milling and drilling machine.

Features of Drilling and Milling Machine

Top quality Milling and Drilling machine have various features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Parts Balanced Correctly
  • Rigid machine architecture
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Provides vibration free machining
  • Simple and easily accessible spare parts
  • All Moving Parts Finished to Close Tolerance
  • Parts finished on imported Grinding Machine
  • The material for the spindle and pinion is 20MNCr5 steel
  • Specifically made to remove metal quickly and affordably
  • Ribs are reinforced in the machine base for extra stability and rigidity
  • The RAM is constructed from thicker special alloy steel pipe
  • Octagonal shape Pillar bracket acts like rib which increases rigidity

Applications of Drilling and Milling Machine

Drilling and Milling machines are used across various industries and for multiple purposes. They are primarily used in the below-mentioned sectors:

  • Fabrication
  • Plastic Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Repairing Works
  • Small Workshop
  • Construction Sites
  • Ceramic industry
  • Automobile industry
  • College Workshops
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Sheet Metal Industry
  • Wood Working Industry
  • Engineering Goods Production Workshop
  • All industries involving small, medium, and large-scale machining

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Shital Machine Tools in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, is the leading supplier of various kinds of Drilling, Welding, Grinding, Polishing, Lathe, Slotting, Air Compressor, Agro Sprayer Pump, Hand Shearing, Pipe Bending, Wood Working, Power Tools, and Other Engineering Products.

You can design products and receive very accurate and powerful performance from a masterpiece of technology. Our mission is to satisfy every customer by offering high-quality products, prompt supply, and superior technical support. Our production crew members have excellent educational backgrounds and are well-trained in contemporary procedures and quality standards.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked questions)

Drillers use vertical motions and a spinning drill to make holes in a project. However, milling combines the workpiece's horizontal movement with the vertical movement of a mill cutter. The milling machine's added horizontal mobility gives it a wide range of applications.

The act of advancing a rotary cutter into a workpiece to remove material is known as milling. A milling machine is a type of machine tool where a workpiece is moved by rotating a cutting tool above a horizontal table using a vertical spindle or horizontal arbour. Small portions of the metal will be removed using a milling machine until the desired result is achieved.

The primary distinction between milling and drilling is that drilling involves creating a hole in a solid surface. On the other hand, features like slots, walls, fins, webs, etc., are made during the milling process.