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Double Column Automatic

Cutting Edge Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Automatic Bandsaw Machine boasts state-of-the-art technology, ensuring accurate and efficient cuts every time. It's designed for simplicity and reliability, perfect for metals, plastics, and more. With automated features, the operation is seamless, even for beginners.

Our automatic bandsaw machine is designed to simplify your workflow, helping you to save time and resources. As industry pioneers, we prioritise innovation and quality in all our products. Our team of experts uses the latest technology to enhance our machines with automation and control systems. Count on Shital Machines for top performance and lasting durability for all your cutting needs.

Features of Automatic Bandsaw Machine

Discover the outstanding features of our Automatic Bandsaw Machine:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Arm Motion: Swinging and oscillating
  • Increased functionality
  • Long lifespan and optimal blade performance
  • Longer service life
  • Enhanced Heavy Duty Worm Reduction Gearbox
  • Auto-off after the completion of the cutting process
  • Reduced power usage because of constant cutting
  • Accurate cutting with sharp edges
  • Effective work clamping self-centering vice
  • Separate coolant container to prevent water and cutting oil waste
  • Dynamically balanced wheel (driver and driven)
  • Chip collecting tray to avoid chip and water mixing
  • Extra-long vice plate to reduce end piece length
  • Every component of the device is interchangeable and repairable

Accessories of Automatic Bandsaw Machines

Discover the array of accessories tailored for our Automatic Bandsaw Machines. Each component is crafted to enhance performance and streamline operations. These accessories help you cut precisely and efficiently, ensuring the best results.

  • Motor pulley and worm with V-belt
  • Push buttons and contractors
  • Chip gathering plate
  • Assembling job stoppers
  • Adjustable hydraulic jumper with oil fill
  • Pipes and fittings for the coolant tank
  • Pump for coolant and drive motor
  • Wire brush for chip removal
  • Worm reduction gearbox filled with oil
  • One bandsaw blade made of carbon steel

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Contact us for all your cutting needs with our cutting-edge Automatic Bandsaw Machine. Our advanced technology delivers efficient and reliable precision cuts in metals and plastics. Shital Machines focuses on innovation and quality and offers a range of accessories to enhance performance. Reach out today to streamline your workflow and achieve superior results.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked questions)

An Automatic Bandsaw Machine is a tool that cuts materials automatically using a bandsaw blade. It's used in industries to cut metal, plastic, and wood efficiently and precisely.

Automatic Bandsaw Machines are used in the metalworking, woodworking, and lumbering industries to cut materials such as plastic, wood, and various metals.

Shital Machines stands out as a top choice for automatic bandsaw machines. Known for excellence in industrial band saws, we offer a range of options, including high-speed metal cutting, automatic horizontal band saws, and heavy-duty and hydraulic band saw machines.

The cutting speed of an Automatic bandsaw machine varies based on factors like the material and blade type. Typically, it ranges from 50 to 500 feet per minute for metal-cutting bandsaws.