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DMTG TPX Series Horizontal Boring Machine

Particulars / Models TPX6111 TPX6111A TPX6113
Spindle bore diameter 110mm 110mm 130mm
Spindle taper MT-6 MT-6 Metric 80
Max. spindle torque 1225Nm 1225Nm 3136Nm
Max. spindle axial thrust 12250N 12250N 31360N
Number of spindle speed 22 22 24
Range of spindle speeds 8-1000rpm 8-1000rpm 4-800rpm
Power of main motor 7.5kW 7.5kW 15kW
Max. facing head torque 1960Nm 1960Nm 4900Nm
Facing head Diameter 630mm 630mm 750mm
Range of facing head speeds 4-200rpm 4-200rpm 2.5-125rpm
Number of facing head speeds 18 18 18
Table size 1140x1000mm 1140x1000mm 1600x1400mm
Max. workload 2500Kg. 2500Kg. 8500Kg.
T-slot 22mm 22mm 28mm
Number of T-slot 10 10 10
X-axis travel 1000mm 1350mm 1600mm
Y-axis travel 1000mm 1000mm 1500mm
Z-axis travel 1000mm 1000mm 1500mm
W-axis travel (Spindle travel) 600mm 600mm 900mm
U-axis travel (Facing head spindle travel) 180mm 180mm 250mm
B-axis worktable rotary 360 Deg. 360 Deg. 360 Deg.
Min Distance between Spindle and Table Surface 0mm 0mm 0mm
Rapid travel (X/Y/Z/W) 2500mm/min. 2500mm/min. 2500mm/min.
Range of feed per spindle revolution 0.04-6/0.01-1.88mm/rev. 0.04-6/0.01-1.88mm/rev. 0.05-8/0.01-2.0mm/rev.
Linear measurement accuracy 0.005mm 0.005mm 0.005mm
; B-axis measurement accuracy 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm
Overall dimensions 4900 x 2554 x 2850mm 4910 x2990 x2850mm 6995 x3730 x3535mm
Machine weight 13300Kg. 14800Kg. 24500Kg.