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DMTG CD Series – Single Column Vertical Lathe

Particulars / Models CD5110 CD5112 CD5116 CD5120
Max. Cutting Dia. For Vertical Tool Post 1000mm 1250mm 1600mm 2000 mm
Max. Cutting Dia. For sideway tool past 1000mm 1100 mm 1400mm 1800mm
Table dia. 900mm 1000mm 1400mm 1800mm
Max. Work height 800mm 1000mm 1000mm 1250mm
Max. work load 2000 Kg. 3200Kg. 5000Kg. 8000Kg.
Table speed range 16/8-250rpm 16/6.3-200rpm 16/5-160rpm 16/4-125rpm
Feed range for both tool past 0.9-103 0.8-86 0.8-86 0.8-86
Horizontal travel for vertical tool past 670mm 700mm 900mm 1110mm
Vertical travel for vertical tool past 650mm 650mm 800mm 800mm
Horizontal travel for sideway tool past 500mm 500mm 650mm 630mm
Vertical travel for vertical tool past 810mm 900mm 900mm 1110mm
Ram travel 580mm 650mm 650mm 650mm
Main motor power 22kW 22kW 22kW 30kW
Machine Weight 7100Kg. 8500Kg. 13000 Kg. 17500Kg.