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DMTG C Series – Double Column Vertical Lathe

Parameter C5225 C5231 C5240 C5250
Max. Cutting Dia. For Vertical Tool Post 2500mm 3150mm 4000mm 5000mm
Working table diameter 2250mm 2830mm 3200mm 4000/4500mm
Max. height of work-piece 1600/2000mm 1600/2000mm 2000/2500mm 2500/3150mm
Max. weight of work-piece 10 to 20Ton 10 to 20Ton 20Ton 32/50Ton
Working table range of rotation speed 2 to 63rpm 2 to 63rpm 2 to 63rpm 0.6-25.4rpm
Working table step of rotation speed 16 steps 16 steps 16 steps stepless
Horizontal travel of tool post 1400mm 1650mm 2150mm 2550mm
Crossbeam travel 1250/1650mm 1250/1650mm 1650/2150mm 2150mm
Power of main motor 55kw 55kw 55kw 75kw
Weight of machine(approx.) 41/43 Ton 43/45 Ton 45/46 Ton 57/80 Ton