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ARC Welding Machine (Regulator Type)

MODEL CW-300 CW-400 CW-500 CW-600
Welding Current Range 35-300A 60-400A 80-500A 100-600A
Welding Voltage Range 24-32 V 25-38 V 25-40 V 26-42 V
Continous Hand Welding
Current @ 55% duty cycle. 240A 300A 400A 450A
Max Intermittent Current
@35%dutycycle 300A 400A 500A 600A
Continious Voiding Current
@ 100% duty cydes 170A 21 OA 260A 340A
Open Circuit Voltage 65V 75V 75V 75V
Electrode sizes ContJnious 6-16G 4-14G 2-14G 0-12G
Electrode sizes (intermittent) 4G 2G 0G 0G
K.VA (Rated) 15 KVA 21 KVA 25 KVA 36 KVA
Fuse Rating Max at 400 V 45A 70A 80A 100A
Power Factor Correction
Capacitor 7 8 10 12
Input Supply:     2Linesof3Phase415V50 Hz. AC