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All Geared Radial Drilling Machine

Drilling Cap. in Solid  
In Steel Having 600Mpa Tensile Strength 40 mm.
In Cast Iron Having 1 SOBHN 45 mm.
Tapping Capacity 30 mm.
Taper in spindle (Nose) MT-4
Spindle Travels 250 mm.
No. of Spindle Speeds/Range 8/50-1800 RPM
Working Range  
Drilling Radius Max. 1050 mm.
Distance from Column to spindle Min./Max. 250/950 mm.
Distance from Base to spindle Min./Max. 240/930 mm.
Drilling Head Traverse (Manual) 700 mm.
Column Sleeve Diameter 170 mm.
Vertical Power Movement of Arm (Auto) 750 mm.
Rotation of Arm (Both Side) 0-180DEC.
Base Plate  
Working Surface (LxW) 820x660 mm.
Overall Size (LxWxH) 1300x800x170
No. of T-Slots & Nominal Size 4/16
Drilling Head Two Speed Motor 2 HP
Arm Elevating Motor 0.5 HP
Box Table Size (LxWxH)mm. 400x300x300