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High Speed All Geared Lathe

ET model of High Speed All Geared Lathe has electromagnetic brake consisting foot pedals. This machine has excellent operating speed and it is accurate. The appearance of the machine is attractive.

Model ET Series
Height Of Centre (mm) 250
Swing Over Bed (mm) 500
Swing Over Slide (mm) 350
Width Of Bed (mm) 302
Bore (mm) 55
Nose A2-6
Speed -8 (R.P.M.) 70 to 1600
Cross Slide 225
Top Slide 100
Quil Dia / Travel 50/125
Lead Screw 4 TPI
Tail Stock Sleeve MT-3
Main Motor Power 5 HP
Longitudinal Feeds Nos. Range 24/
Transverse Feeds Nos. / Range 24/0.015-0.21 mm/rev.
Metric Threads Nos. / Range 24/05-7MMP
Inch Threads Nos /Range 24/4-56 TPI

Standard Accessories :

  • Chuck Plate
  • Gear Set
  • Centre Adaptor Dead Centres
  • Dial Indicator
  • Square Tool Post
  • Tool Post Key
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Tool Post Key

Optional Accessories :

  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Face Plate
  • True Chuck & Dog Chuck
  • Rear Tool Post


  • Quick Change Tool Post Tapper Turning Attachment
  • Coolant Pump with Tank & Fittings Machine Lamp
  • Key way Milling Attachment
  • Tool Post Grinder
  • Splash Guard
  • Big Spindle Bore
  • New Design Exterior
  • High Spindle Speed
  • Wide Thread Range

All Geared Lathe Machine Manufacturers in Rajkot & India

Shital Machine Tools is a well-known manufacturer of all geared lathe machine manufacturers in Rajkot & India. These machines are important for precisely shaping and cutting metal in various fields. We guarantee that our geared lathe machine manufacturers are of excellent quality, sturdy, and packed with cutting-edge features.

Our machines are equipped with gears that allow for speed adjustments, making it easier to operate on various types of metal. Shital Machine Tools prioritizes user-friendliness and safety in their machine designs, with simple controls and strong protections.

What is All Geared Lathe Machine?

The geared Lathe Machine is an efficient tool for shaping and cutting metal in workshops and factories. It's known as all-geared because it contains speed-changing gears that let you work with various metals.

The machine operates by holding and rotating a piece of metal while a sharp cutting tool shapes it. Its customizable speeds allow it to efficiently handle metal objects of various sizes and sorts.

All geared machines are used for various tasks in the production process, including drilling, cutting, sanding, turning, metalworking, woodworking, and glass working. Find the highest quality all geared lathe machine manufacturers in Rajkot for industrial processes here at the most affordable prices.

Features of All Geared Lathe Machine

The all-geared lathe machines are flexible and productive equipment for metalworking. Listed below are the top features of these machines:

  • Changeable Settings - All Geared Lathe Machines have changeable speed settings, allowing operators to work with various metals efficiently.
  • Smooth Transitions - These machines use gears to achieve smooth speed transitions. It improves precision while shaping and cutting metal components.
  • Sturdy Construction - All Geared Lathe Machines are built for heavy usage. It ensures durability and long-term performance.
  • Gear Options - They often come with various equipment options and parts to meet various machining requirements and increase versatility.
  • Easy to Use Controls - Many models feature user-friendly controls, making them simple for workers of varied skill levels.
  • Safety Measures - All Geared Lathe Machines include safety features to safeguard users during operation, creating a safe working environment.

Types of All Geared Lathe Machine Indian Series

The machines are available in various types, and each offers unique functionalities and features to ensure that the necessary level of work is constantly produced.

  • Light Duty Lathe – It is compact, easy to use, and suitable for small-scale projects like woodworking or crafting small metal parts.
  • Medium Duty Lathe - It provides more power and stability than light-duty lathes, making them perfect for workshops or small industrial operations.
  • Heavy Duty Lathe – It provides excellent precision and equilibrium, making it ideal for large-scale manufacturing processes in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Lathe - They are designed with solidified components and powerful motors to withstand huge loads while maintaining remarkable precision and performance.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Lathe - They are designed with solidified components and powerful motors to withstand huge loads while maintaining remarkable precision and performance.
  • High Speed Geared Lathe – They are designed to run at high speeds, allowing for faster machining while maintaining precision. They are excellent for activities that require quick material removal.
  • All Geared Heavy Duty Lathe - It has adjustable speed control and precision required for heavy machining.
  • Heavy Duty Mini Lathe – It is a compact, powerful machine designed for limited space or special projects.

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We are one of the best all geared lathe machine manufacturers in Rajkot. By choosing Shital Machine Tools, you can increase machine productivity, improve the quality of goods, and remain successful in the marketplace.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked questions)

A geared lathe is an equipment used to shape and cut metal. It has gears that control the rotation speed, allowing for accurate cutting of various metals.

The gears allow the lathe to operate at varying speeds while cutting and shaping metal. The actual number of gears varies according to the lathe's model and design. Usually, there are three gears.

We offer eight types of lathe machines, ranging from light-duty lathes to extra heavy-duty lathes.

There are 7 basic types of machine tools: lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, shapers, planers, slotting machines, and grinding machines.